Outdoor Amphitheatre

We don’t think there is anywhere better to put on an intimate outdoor performance in Middlesbrough than our Amphitheatre!

The Amphitheatre is in our outdoor garden and we encourage young people to use it as much as possible in the summer. Why not work on your drama projects outside, or practice your band’s favourite songs? Perhaps you could do a comedy routine for your friends?

The Amphitheatre is a great place to get on stage in the great outdoors in front of friends – thee is plenty of space!  If you just want to enjoy the great outdoor then you can have a picnic and play some table tennis, or even get involved in looking after the vegetable patch!

If you decide to put on an official performance, a mini festival or a DJ set we can hire the area out to you or, even in some cases, join up with you as an event partner.

For more information please contact Reception on (01642) 256310 or email myplace@middlesbrough.gov.uk







–  Myplace gardens and amphitheatre

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